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Castle on the Hill, Part III

Welcome back to the Castle on the Hill, part III, of our series on this beautiful retreat in Bend, Oregon. The last post focused on the intricately detailed kitchen and indoor/outdoor patio area. Today, we’ll […]

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The Coolest Shower Door EVER

I really didn’t know how to title this post—so— I went with the first thing that came to mind: The Coolest Shower Door Ever.

And it is.

Featured in our 2014 Tour Home, this guest bath really […]

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Effective Use of Space

It’s 2014 — CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?

What really gets me is that 1980 is now as far away as 2048– and who knows what’s going to be happening in 2048. We will probably all have […]

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Every Master Bath Can be Special

Every Master Bath can be special. Whether you have an enormous space to fill, or just a corner — thoughtful details make all the difference.

In this particular Master Bath, I focused on making the space […]

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