Coffee Bar Anyone?

In the past, we’ve seen many homeowners install permeant coffee/espresso machines in their kitchen or master suites. While that is an elegant solution to the daily caffeine requirement, may we offer another solution?

A dedicated coffee bar […]

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Awbrey Glen Custom 2


There are so many details in this Awbrey Glen custom kitchen, it’s hard to know where to start!

But maybe we can work our way down, starting with the reclaimed timber beams in the ceiling. They […]

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Merry Christmas from Alway Homes

We wish you a Merry Christmas with a few special kitchens from the archives. May your Christmas season be warm and bright and full of love.


Happy Holidays from Jess and Aaron!


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Home Sweet Home

It’s time to introduce another Alway Homes custom-built house!

This gem above the Bend skyline is replete with special touches. But you know that, taking one look at the smooth green stucco and stone front exterior.

A stone […]

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Natural Stone in the House

Use of natural stone in the home has become very popular. We here at Alway Homes LOVE natural stone. Whether marble, granite or slate, natural stone has a ton of personality and color. Plus, it’s […]

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Creating Space in Your Kitchen 2

Need to create space in your kitchen? Be sure to catch my first post on Creating Space — but read on! You can start right here.

Many people believe that building a house is “too difficult”, […]

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DIY or Hire it out?

DIY? (Do it yourself?) Or hire it out?

Many times this is the question facing homeowners getting ready to do a renovation on their existing home. With a quick trip to Home Depot you can collect […]

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Muirfield Kitchen Complete

Last week I posted some photos of a kitchen under construction on Muirfield in Salem, Oregon — located in the Holiday Ranch subdivision. The kitchen is now complete and I thought I would upload a […]

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Don’t Fear Colored Cabinets!



I LOVE COLOR. Anybody else? And I’m not afraid to use color in my houses — even bold colors like reds and greens. I especially like colored cabinets.

This color combination above is one of my […]

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Arch, my Brick Archway

There’s no question about it, I love a strong brick archway. But I love all kinds of arches. They are so much more refined than a plain jane squared off entrance — which everyone has. […]

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