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Custom French

This custom French home was recently completed near Salem, Oregon.

I’ve built a lot of homes over the years. It would take me quite a while to count them all. 🙂 And in my thirty plus […]

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A Home’s Statement Piece

Every home needs a statement piece.

From the smallest budget to the greatest, a focal point adds interest and value and art.

For some homes, the beadwork can be the flair. In others, entry tile work and […]

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The Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things that really set one house apart from the next.

I’m a big believer in letting the details do the talking.  I’ve compiled a short list of the “little things” that can […]

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Me? Pinterest?

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not exactly a techie. I’m not even sure what a “techie” is — so there you go. But I can’t escape all manner of technology these days. It’s downright […]

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Personalizing Your Home

Personalizing your home starts with the build. Finding a builder who understands who you are, and how you want your home to serve you, is paramount. After all, this is a huge investment. Not only […]

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