Colorful Homes as Art

Jess Alway is not afraid of color.


You shouldn’t be afraid of color either.

Your home does not have to be a blank palate for furniture and artwork. Your home can BE the artwork!

This hardwood hand painted […]

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Stucco Exteriors

Stucco is that magic material that can work for just about any house. In the High Desert of Central Oregon, it’s an especially great material to work with. Hot summer and cold winters wreak havoc […]

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Castle on a Hill, Part V

At last we near the end of this beautiful Bend-area custom home. So far, our blog tour has taken us through the impressive stone entrance into a indoor/outdoor kitchen, through an intimate master suite and bath fit […]

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Bold Color

Use bold color in your home.

Color doesn’t have to be garish to make a statement. Black cabinets, as seen above, add depth and masculinity to the gun room we recently designed for some clients.  Paired with […]

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