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Looking for Land in Central Oregon?

Jess Alway Inc builds custom homes on your land.

If you are looking for a lot to build on anywhere in Central Oregon, please contact Dave Faegans at Alpine Real Estate: 541-419-7914 and mention Jess told […]

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Castle on the Hill, Part III

Welcome back to the Castle on the Hill, part III, of our series on this beautiful retreat in Bend, Oregon. The last post focused on the intricately detailed kitchen and indoor/outdoor patio area. Today, we’ll […]

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Update from Jess, and a word about Stucco


Good September morning to you. It’s hard to believe the summer is officially behind us. Thank goodness we have a little more sunshiny weather to look forward to here in the High Desert. Isn’t Bend […]

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Bend, Oregon

There really is no finer place to live than Bend, Oregon. That’s my opinion, anyway.

The weather is perfect; not too hot, not too cold. Golf year-round! In fact, you can fit in any number of […]

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