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1470 NW Puccoon Ct, Bend OR 97701 (Lot 33, North Rim)

Now Available: 1470 NW Puccoon Ct, Bend OR 97701. Lot 33, North Rim

A blank slate. Just ready for a beautiful new North Rim house by Alway Homes!

And how about a sneak peak at the plans in-process? […]

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Have you seen this boy?

Have you seen this boy?
He’s on every Alway Homes job site, managing the sub-contractors, schedules, and materials.

He is very obedient considering his level of independence.

Loves cuddles, belly rubs and back scratches.

Works very hard.

Comes to the […]

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Golfing in Central Oregon

What do you do with 360 days of pure sunshine?

In Bend, Oregon you play golf.

Jess and Aaron Alway were recently invited to participate in the 2015 Parr Lumber Tournment in Bend, Oregon and had a […]

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Bend Oregon Architecture

Bend Oregon continues to grow. In 2014, Oregon was THE destination for those moving to a new permanent home from across the country. 2014 Movers Study

Moving to a new place can be a challenge. Bend’s self storage […]

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Castle on the Hill, Part II

Welcome back to the Castle on the Hill, one of our latest custom-built homes in Bend, Oregon. Last week we shared with you the impressive entry. Now, let’s dive deeper into this gorgeous house by […]

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A Castle on the Hill

Nothing feels as good as moving a fantastic client into their brand new house. Especially, when this client provides an abundance of creativity! The finished product is therefore, guaranteed, to blow minds. We like it […]

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Doors and Windows

We get asked a lot about our doors—interior and exterior—and we need to give a good shout-out to our friend Rob over at Old Creek. Jess and Rob worked together to create this work of […]

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Warm Kitchen Colors

People are always asking me for advice on warm kitchen colors.

There’s the obvious answers: toasty almond, butter yellow, pine greens — accented with chocolates, plums and tart reds.

But what, they ask, if you don’t want […]

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