Project Description

One thing is for sure: an Alway home is never boring. No matter the house, if you look close enough you are going to find enough details and “easter eggs” to keep you busy the rest of the afternoon. This house in particular was a fun project because the client was as excited as we were. From a custom built window shade to a hidden pantry pullout buried in a brick column – these individual pieces come together to create a unique and handcrafted package. Take for example the carvings on the stairway posts. Our goal is to always incorporate the personality and passions of our clients into their home. Looking closely you can see a pattern etched into the wood and soldered into the railing. This is the Flower of Life – a detail inspired by the homeowners’ interests. A personal favorite touch is the collection of materials used on the exterior. Not uncommon for a custom Alway Home, this one features four main exterior finishes with accents in thin stone put on edge surrounding the timber columns and paneling on the ceiling of the overhang. If you are a fan of the creative process and building your own personal brand, you are going to find something to appreciate in each and every photo.

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