Alway Homes:

Welcome to Alway Homes, Oregon’s premier custom home builder. Jess Alway has been building custom masterpieces for over 40 years. Joined by his son, Aaron Alway, the company has streamlined the business side of building to give Jess more time to focus on what he does best: creating unique, jaw dropping works of art – all within the context of the walls you call home.

Jess Alway:


Jess Alway, as seen touring through Italy in 2013.

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Over the years Alway Homes has evolved into a lean enterprise dedicated to eliminating waste, providing unique products, and surpassing client expectations. Jess plays a key role in every phase of a project. He doesn’t just coordinate and delegate, but gets his hands dirty too—personally creating some of the most unique details in each home.

Travel through France, Italy, England, and most of Europe has provided Jess with thousands of pictures, hours of video, and inspiration that fuels his work. It’s always about the details: the pitch of a roof-line, the aged finish of a cabinet, or the seamless blend of tile and stone. These details defines his style today.

Outside of work, you’ll find that Jess enjoys the high-revving sound of a classic muscle car, the swing of a golf club on a cool summer day, and the presence of his grandchildren and family.

Aaron Alway:


Aaron is a graduate of the University of Oregon and received his MBA from the University of Iowa. He has done extensive traveling throughout Europe and Asia, calling South Korea home for two years before attending graduate school in Italy. He is a Six Sigma Green Belt and applies this knowledge toward transforming businesses through process improvement – a high priority for Alway Homes.

Aaron grew up in the construction industry working as a framer. He has also spent time as a Deputy for the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, and a Project Manager for a Dutch design firm called P2 Group. Aaron has a competitive and creative spirit and is always looking for ways to improve the building experience for clients. His goal is to make the client’s experience as simple and hassle-free as possible.